How to Prolong the Life of Your UPS Battery

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The UPS batteries are the most fragile component of your installation. Of course, understanding how to maintain them will help extend their service life and prevent downtime.

To make it easier for you, I have put together some tips to help you get started.

So, let’s dive.

Install in a Cool and Dry Place

Of course, the average lifespan of a UPS battery is three to five years. 

But the installation environment plays a massive role in determining if your battery will get up to this service life. So always install your battery in a moist-free environment with a temperature between 20-25o C. 

UPS batteries are vulnerable to high temperatures. Every 8o C rise in temperature will cut the service life by half.

Have a Backup Plan

To reduce downtime, you will need replacement or backup batteries.

However, ensure that the batteries are not dormant for a long period of time. You can store new batteries for up to 12 months, but permanent loss of capacity will occur within 18 – 30 months. Store the replacement batteries below 10o C.

It’s advisable to charge the battery every 3-4 months before installation.

Carry Out Regular UPS Battery Maintenace

Regular battery maintenances will help extend the service life of your batteries. Here are a few tips:

  • Recharge a fully discharged battery within 48 hours to avoid damage to internal components.
  • Avoid over-charging or excessive discharge of your UPS battery.
  • Replace the battery if the internal resistance touches the 30 percent mark.
  • Of course, enlist professional services.

Calibrate Your Battery Annually

Carrying out runtime calibration can help prolong the life of your battery. However, excessive calibration can significantly reduce the service life.

Calibrate the battery about once or twice annually.

Use Energy Saving Devices

Running power-saving devices on the UPS can help extend the service life. They consume less energy and of course, this helps to keep the temperature of your battery under control. 

Also, ensure to use quality wiring. This will help to avoid high resistance and increased load on your installation.

Getting Started With UPS Battery Maintenance

Of course, UPS batteries require professional services to be properly maintained.

Use the button below to contact us and learn first hand how our battery maintenance services can help extend the service life of your batteries, prevent downtime, and reduce maintenance costs.

We service our clients with 100 percent satisfaction.

UPS Battery Maintenance FAQs

Here are some of the questions people ask us about UPS battery maintenance. Use the comment box below if you have other questions.

This is when your UPS battery can no longer supply 80 percent of its rated capacity in ampere-hours.
Storing a UPS battery for a long time without a charging regime can reduce the service life. Recharge them between 3-4 months. This is because lead-acid batteries can self-discharge when it is not used.
Yes, your battery runtime will increase if you reduce the load. Reducing the load by half might triple the runtime.
This can increase the battery runtime to support the load. However, adding more batteries does not increase the capacity of the UPS. Ensure your UPS installation is adequately sized for your load, then add batteries to fit your runtime needs.
When power fails, the UPS will automatically switch to battery power to supply power. When power is restored, UPS will automatically recharge for future use, known as the discharge cycle. At installation, the battery is at 100% of its rated capacity, but each discharge and subsequent recharge slightly reduces the relative capacity of the battery until it gets to the end of its useful life. At this point, the degradation process speeds up, and a replacement battery is needed.
How to Prolong the Life of Your UPS Battery

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