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Knightsedge Nigeria Limited was formed in 1997 to satisfy customer requirements for quality goods and services in the Oil and Gas, Telecommunications and other industries. This business has developed well and is expanding successfully. Additional capabilities have been added to the organization to include technical assistance and support, installation, maintenance of products and systems, and design of systems. The company is now engaged in engineering, stocking and distribution, installation, commissioning and maintenance of equipment and systems.

We deliver solutions that help to improve operational and technical efficiency which lead to reduced costs and improved financial results for our clients. Existing excellent relationship with our partners in Europe, USA, Canada and Asia ensures relative ease in sourcing, supply, installation and maintenance of equipment and provision of technical services that meet both international standards and clients requirements. We are committed to providing customer driven quality services in an environmentally friendly manner.

Total definitive quality standards management and client service are fundamental elements of the company’s culture. The company’s primary efforts are to provide customers with competitive high-value solutions for their business needs, and to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through quality and usefulness. Operating from the Head Office in Lagos and its branch offices, our skilled professionals and support staff would work with clients to proactively turn challenges into competitive advantages and/or operational efficiency.


We are committed to providing customer driven quality services in a safe and environmental friendly manner. We are a team of professionals with a shared value system and commitment to excellence. The company is built on the core values of:

And unparalleled world-class customer service

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We have over a decade of experience delivering solutions that help organizations improve productivity and save costs. We service our clients with 100% satisfaction.

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