Communication Policy

This policy covers among other issues, rules of communication, use of company communication facilities, representation of the company in the media and other third parties, and confidentiality of company information and procedures. And it is to be adhered strictly to by all staff – permanent and contract employees, contractors, commissionaires, persons on national Youth Service, and all other long or short-term or temporary assignments in the company.


Rules and Regulations of Print Publication and External Media Relations

Media Relations

Use of Electronic Media

This refers to the use of Information Systems and Telecommunications (IST) facilities.

Sanctions for Breach

Potential sanctions include but are not limited to:

In the event of any alleged violation of the policy, a committee drawn from representatives of HR, Public Affairs, IST, Legal and the Department or Division of the staff, shall meet and make recommendations on appropriate sanctions.

Williams G. Akpojevwe
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
4th July 2022

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