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At Knightsedge Nigeria, we conduct flange facing services on flange surfaces to help clients protect their critical asset installations, avoid leakages and corrosion. Our services ensure old flanges continue to maintain joint integrity between them. Flanges could get damaged due to turbulent flow or during installations. We cut the flanges to give them a spiral grooved finish. The finishing forces gases and liquids to travel in a long spiral path rather than across the flange face and this helps prevent leakages. Our flange facing services are executed with all due care and diligence, in strict compliance with clients’ specifications and best practices.

flange facers and flange facing machines in nigeria


Flange facing is one of the most important repair jobs during plant shutdowns or maintenance. And we provide the following flange facing services in Nigeria.

  •  Re-facing of main inlet steam flanges
  • Repairing heat exchanger nozzle flange
  •  For sealing and weld prep, facing and beveling of the pipe are required
  • Repairing flat face raised face and phonographic finish flanges 
  • Repairing piston rod mating flanges
  • Boiler feed pump flanges
  • Re-machining the gasket seal on tube sheets
  • Cutting new grooves or fixing ring grooves
  • Vessel and plate weld prep
  • Re-facing ship hatch sealing surfaces
  • Re-machining bearing surface of rotary cranes 
  • Resurfacing large pump base housings 
  • Re-facing valve flanges and repairing heat exchangers
  • Flange milling wind tower section
  • Ship thruster mount facing, drilling, and milling.

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We’re the leading provider of Flange Facing Services in Lagos and Nigeria. Our Flange Facing Services helps organizations to avoid leakages, corrosion and maintain joint integrity. We have over 20 years of experience delighting clients. Kindly get in touch with us 👇

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