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We are Sales and Services Partners to Bestobell Valves / Bestobell LNG, UK

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We deliver all types of Bestobell valves in Nigeria

As the sales and service partners to Bestobell Valves/Bestobell LNG, one of UK’s largest manufacture of valves, we stock and procure any type of Bestobell valves, controls and valve accessories for industrial and other uses.

Our Bestobell Control Valves

We procure, sell and service all type of Bestobell control valves in Nigeria

Safety relief valves Bestobell knightsedge

The Seetru range of safety valves for compressed air and gas are compact, highly efficient and incorporate the exclusive Tutchtite– seal technology for repeatable bubble-tight sealing performance


cryogenic valves

Our Cryogenic Valves includes:

  • Bestobell Valves Stainless Steel Manual Extended Globe Valve DN6 – DN50
  • Bestobell Cryogneic Stainless steel Globe Valve DN150-DN300
  • BestobellCryogenic Bronze Manual Extended Globe Valve DN6 – DN50
  • Bestobell Full Stainless Steel Manual Extended Globe Valve DN6 – DN50
  • Bestobell Cryogneic Stainless Steel Manual Gate Valve DN40 – DN100
  • Bestobell Cryogenic Stainless Steel Lift Check Valve DN6 – DN150
  • Bestobell Cryogenic Pneumatically Actuated Globe Valve DN15 – DN150

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Sanitary control valve1

Our Sanitary Control Valves include:

  • Steriflow FBCV-OR Series Sanitary Control Valves
  • SteriFlow FB8905 Series Cavity-Filled Ball Valves
  • SteriFlow FB7904 Series Sanitary Butterfly Valves
  • Steriflow FB6903 Series Sanitary Check Valves

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thermostatic valves

Our Thermostatic Valves include:

  • 56T Temperature Control Valve
  • D-150-G/R-150-G Temperature Control Valve

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pressure actuated valves

The Sterlco Type 56 Pressure Actuated Water Regulating Valve features a compact, dependable design made from sturdy, brass alloy casting. That means you can count on many years of dependable service. Of course, you also get precise control. To accommodate pressures from 70 to 260 PSI without changing springs, simply turn the adjustment screw at the base of the valve. The valve has a wide adjustment range to accommodate current refrigerants. It is factory tested prior to shipping and you can easily mount the valve in any position without mounting brackets.

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We sell and service all types of Bestobell Ball Valves.

Industrial Valves, Controls and Accessories in Nigeria

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