1.   Goal

The goal of this policy is to reduce the rate of HIV infection in the Company in particular and the community at large and to mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS on the infected and affected staff members.  The Company will ensure a consistent and equitable approach to the prevention of HIV/AIDS among employees and their families and its impact on the workplace and support International and National efforts to reduce the spread of the infection and minimize the impact of the disease.

2.   Policy framework and general principles

Knightsedge Nigeria Limited does not tolerate discrimination against employees or job applicants on any grounds, including HIV status. This Policy rests on the principle that HIV infection and AIDS are like any other chronic illnesses. The Company’s commitment to maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for employees is sustained in this policy based on the recognition that HIV is not transmitted by casual contact.

3.   Specific Provisions

3.1   The Company reserves the right to

(1) Know the health status of all employees.

(ii) Conduct medical tests on Company employees.

(iii) Make rules and regulations that it deems appropriate for the general well being and health of the staff.

(iv) Take actions that are in its judgment, necessary and appropriate to protect persons from exposure to infection if the Company becomes aware of activity that poses a significant risk exposure.

(v) Determine the employment of any employee as well as his or her ability to continue to carry out official duties

(vi) Indemnity against any liabilities that may arise in the Company’s dealings with staff and related persons in implementing the Company’s policy on HIV/AIDS.

(vii) Discipline staff for any violation of the Company’s rules and regulations  irrespective of his/her health status.

3.2   Employees rights under this policy include

(i) Privacy and confidentiality in respect of their HIV and AIDS status and records.

(ii) Not to be subjected to mandatory testing of HIV without prior knowledge and consent from the said staff

(iii) Information on the results of the HIV test conducted on employees at the Company’s Health facility shall be confidential and shall not be disseminated to a third person without the consent of the said staff involved.

(iv) Staff diagnosed with HIV/AIDS has a right to non discrimination and non stigmatization by the Company other members of staff.

(v) Employees of the Company diagnosed and living with HIV/AIDS are entitled to medical care, support services and counselling.

(vii) The continued employment, promotion, as well as other benefits open to other staff members shall not be compromised by the HIV/AIDS status of the employee except as stated earlier, the employee can no longer work or participate in other activities due to ill health.

(viii) No employee shall be denied financial benefits as a result of his status or penalised for resignation anomalies because of ill health resulting from HIV/AIDS.

(ix) Employees have a right to have access to voluntary test and counselling whenever requested for.

(x) Employees retain the right to protection from undue exposure to the risk of HIV/AIDS in the working environment.

(xi) Medical examination /test for employees conducted shall not include HIV/AIDD test except expressly stated.

(xii) The company promotes and facilitates access to Voluntary Confidential Counselling and Testing (VCCT) for all employees.
(xiii) The company recognises the sensitivity of HIV/AIDS and therefore ensures confidentiality. However the employee will be encouraged to be open about his or her HIV status to his family.

(xiv). Appropriate awareness campaign and education programmes will be conducted to inform employees and their families about HIV/ AIDS from time to time.

(xv) The Company recognises the importance of involving employees and their representatives in the planning and implementation of HIV/AIDS awareness programmes.

(xvi) Reasonable time off will be given for participation, education and training in HIV/AIDS and related issues.

4. Care and support for employees and their families

  1. The Company will provide all reasonable assistance to employees who are affected by HIV/AIDS
  2. Employees may continue to work as long as they are able to perform their duties safely and in accordance with accepted performance standards.
  3. Employees living with HIV/AIDS will be treated no less favourably than staff with any other serious illness/condition
  4. The Company will offer the broadest range of services to prevent and manage HIV/AIDS

Williams G. Akpojevwe
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
4th July 2022

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