Substance Abuse Policy

Substance abuse
Substances in question include Alcohol and Illicit drugs such as Cocaine, Cannabis, Opiates. In addition, inappropriate use of prescription medications such as Diazepam, Barbiturates, Amphetamines or other substances may result in impairment to health and behaviour, judgement or job performance

It is our policy;

To prevent

  • Any of the workforce becoming a risk to themselves or others by the abuse of Alcohol and Substances. The Abuse can be defined as incorrect, improper or harmful use of any substance in such a way as to intentionally modify mood, behaviour or performance. It includes the use of medications which, induce dependence, habituation or addiction
  • Impairment of the abilities to perform assigned tasks in a safe and productive manner
  • Dependence by increasing the need to use substances and inability to stop despite attempts to cut down or becoming physically and psychologically reliant on use of the substance


  • Impairment by use, possession, distribution, consumption or sale of alcohol at company premises or on company business is not permitted without prior management approval and control. In case of Road Traffic Accident, systematic detection of alcohol level will be performed and no level of detected alcohol in the blood will be tolerated.

Other substances of abuse

  • The employee is responsible for making himself/herself fit for work. Employees are informed that they may be tested at random. The use, possession, distribution, consumption or sale of illegal drugs at company premises or on company business is strictly prohibited. This prohibition also applies to the abuse of legal drugs or other substances. Company tests program include testing by urine analysis for: Cocaine, Cannabis, Opiates, Diazepam, Barbiturates, Amphetamines.

The violation of rules governing conduct in the workplace in respect of substance abuse could result in the application of disciplinary measures

Williams G. Akpojevwe
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
4th July 2022

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