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About AEG Power Solutions

AEG Power Solutions is the world-leading supplier of high-quality power solution systems, industrial UPS, inverters and rectifiers that offers cost-effective power solutions that enable organisations to meet their energy needs, power their large infrastructure projects and ensure continuous operation of critical facilities and processes.  As the AEG partner in Nigeria, we offer a full-range of AEG products  and services in Nigeria to help organisations ensure the continuity of their processes and critical infrastructures.

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Our AEG PS Products in Nigeria

We partner directly with AEG Power Solutions to supply power efficiency solutions in Nigeria and provides the after-sales services.


We sell and service all range of AEG UPS in Nigeria.

AEG Rectifiers

We sell and service all range of AEG Rectifiers and DC Modules.

AEG Inverters

Get our comprehensive range of AEG PS inverters and services.

Get AEG Power Solutions in Nigeria

Our reliable range of AEG UPS, inverters, rectifiers, chargers and DC modules are sure to exceed your expectations. Join the over 400 satisfied clients that are using our AEG Power solutions in Nigeria.

Our AEG Services in Nigeria

As the sole AEG Power Solutions’ service partner in Nigeria, Knightsedge Nigeria Limited also offers AEG Power Solutions’ full service offerings to clients in Nigeria.

We provide 24/7 specialist services in Nigeria for the maintenance of all types AEG’s solutions. Our service engineers are trained to do everything possible to keep your systems operating at peak performance.
We procure and install AEG solutions in homes, offices, manufacturing plants, parks, airports, hospitals, military formations and other mission-critical facilities. Our Engineers ensure that your systems are properly installed and commissioned in line with best practices.
We provide a full range of analytical support services for your AEG systems to help you maximize the value of your installations and enjoy continuity in business operations and processes.
Batteries are the weakest link in modern critical power systems. The high cost of batteries adds to the pressure, making proper maintenance crucial in safeguarding your long-term investment. Some of our battery services include: battery maintenance, battery sizing, battery replacement.
With dedicate a full-fledge power solution experts and a 24/7 emergency repair facility to quickly help clients repair, refurbishment or replace any of their AEG solutions.
We monitor serviceable assets in multiple locations and tap into the performance of to drive diagnostics and services. Our AEG Power Solutions service experts improve preventive and predictive maintenance processes to reduce the reliance on continuous repairs.
As service partner to AEG Power Solutions, our servicing of your AEG systems and installations can help you to:

• Maximize reliability, safety and efficiency and consequently the continuity of your operations
• Minimize downtime and risks
• Decrease maintenance costs and optimize total cost of ownership of your equipment
• Extend the lifetime and benefit of the latest technologies
• Renew your solution when required based on experts’ advice.

Knightsedge Nigeria Limited offers full range of AEG’s power efficiency solutions for the following industries:


We provide AEG PS secured power solutions for oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical plants. AEG’s industrial power solutions meet the most stringent international standards to guarantee safe and secured power supply to critical facilities and processes in the up, mid and downstream of the Nigerian oil sector.


We are AEG Power Solutions service partner to the Nigerian energy transmission and storage industry. Our range of AEG products and services cover industry in battery energy storage, power transmission, hybrid energy storage and off-grid power supply.


AEG Power Solutions offers cost-effective and reliable solutions for the running and operation of critical transportation infrastructures to ensure continuity. Knightsedge Nigeria Limited provides and services AEG range of solutions for demanding applications in airports, seaports and in other critical transportation facilities.


Power failures in manufacturing plants can compromise productions, damage assets or create security issues for members of staff. Knightsedge Nigeria Limited offers a full range of AEG’s power solutions and services in Nigeria to ensure the continuity of manufacturing.


Downtime in telecommunication operations and processes is never an option. AEG Power Solutions offers reliable solutions for surge protection and alternative secured supply of clean power that ensures continuity of operations.


Knightsedge Nigeria Limited offers a full range of AEG’s solutions for domestic and small office uses. We have different types of AEG’s surge protectors and UPS systems for every budget and application.

AEG Power Solutions Distributor in Nigeria

Do you need any range of AEG Power Solutions’ product or services in Nigeria?

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