Community Relations Policy

In carrying out our activities, we recognize the interest(s) of the communities in which we operate.

Knightsedge places high premium on cordial relation with the Operator as well as their neighbours especially the host Communities treasured as partners in progress. It is therefore the policy of Knightsedge, through a coordinated approach between the Operator’s Community Affairs Department and the Company’s Public Affairs Department, to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with the host Communities prior to and during the execution of contracts in their areas.

Minor contracts are awarded to sub-contractors from the indigenes of host Community while Community workers are recruited either directly in collaboration with local associations or where feasible through a Labour Sub-contractor on terms akin to conditions of services of the Company.

Knightsedge Staff, Sub-contractors and Agents are enjoined to establish goodwill and proper conduct towards the host Communities throughout the period of the contract execution.

Knightsedge has developed and maintained a documented and efficient system to handle issues arising from the public.

Knightsedge will from time to time, at the commencement of any contract/project and in agreement with the Operator, develop project specific Community Relations policy to recognize the peculiar nature of the Community in which a contract/project is to be carried out.

Williams G. Akpojevwe
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
4th July 2022

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