As Service Partners to AEG Power Solution you will always find the expertise you need.


We are the Sole Sales and Service Partner of Bestobell Valves / Bestobell LNG, UK


We provide necessary specialist services for maintenance and repair of HVAC installations

Pipeline Flushing & Pigging

We provide pipeline flushing services in Nigeria. We depoy the best equipment to flush pipelines.

Non-Destructive Testing

We provide NDT services to help clients stay safe and improve the reliability of their equipment. 

ISO Certifications

Our ISO services helps businesses improve their performance processes and drive business objectives

Integrated Project Management

We provides support services to accomplish quality, timely and cost effective project delivery

Procurement and Logistics

We maintain partnerships  with Original Equipment Manufacturers to provide high quality equipment

Testing and Calibration Services

We provide pressure and instrument testing and calibration services in Nigeria

Please Feel Free to Call Us

Our customers support staff are always available to answer all your questions.

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