Integrated Project Management

Planning, Strategy, Execution...

Our integrated team consisting of well trained and experienced engineers have excellent knowledge of management, operations and administrative support services to accomplish quality, timely, cost effective project delivery for our clients across the industries that we serve. We also make use of the R & D output, expertise and technical experience and services of our OEM principals in rendering cutting edge value added services to our numerous clients.Through our strong working team and excellent relationship with clients, we deliver solutions and help to improve operational and technical efficiency which lead to reduced costs and improved financial results.


At Knightsedge Nigeria, we provide an integrated project management services that covers:

  • Project Design & Advisory
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and site supervision
  • Support in planning, Review & logistics and
  • Third-party products and services through existing infrastructure.

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Our integrated project management consulting services are vital for critical and time sensitive projects. We assist organisations in doing the right projects- and doing them right.

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