Our Products


  1. Valve, Controls & Valve Accessories

We are Sales and Services Partners to Bestobell Valves / Bestobell LNG, UK

Products under this category include Gate valves, Emergency Gate Valves, Ball valves, Actuated Ball Valves, Manual Globe valves, Actuated Globe Valves, High-Integrity Globe Valves, Check valves, Plug Valves, Blow-off and Blowdown Valves, Butterfly Valves, High Performance Butterfly Valves, Instrument Valves, Instrumentation Products, Knife Gate and Slurry Valves, Knife Gate  Valves, Liquid Level Indicating System, Safety Relief Valves, Pressure Relief Valves(Direct spring operated),  Pressure Relief Valves(Safety valve/Direct spring operated),  Pressure Relief Valves (Pilot operated pressure relief valves), Pressure Relief Valves (Tank protection), Rotary Process Valves, Sampling Systems, Sanitary Process Equipment, Specialty Valves, Steam Traps, Electric Actuators, Pneumatic Actuators, Hydraulic Actuators, Controls, Strainers, ASPRO,  Manifold Fill Assemblies, Flow Divertors, Birflo (Flow Control), Float Level Isolation Valve (FLIV), Cryogenic Valves (Needle Globe Valves,  Manual Globe Valves, Actuated Globe Valves, Swing Check Valves, Lift Check Valves), Cryogenic Flange Joints, etc.

  1. Bolting

Together with Hague Fasteners Limited, UK, we manufacture and supply all types of threaded and milled special fasteners in many different types of material. We manufacture and supply the more difficult to obtain fasteners, the items that are not readily available from general fastener stockists. We manufacture any item that you cannot buy off the shelf in small to medium batch quantities.

  • Products: Special Fasteners, Bolts, Socket Screws, Bend Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Milled Componemts, Plugs, Pins.
  • Materials: Carbon Steel, Duplex & Super Duplex, Hastelloy, Alloys, Incolony Alloys, Non Ferrous, Monel Alloys, Polymers, Stainless Steels, Titanium Alloys
  1. Bolt Tensioning Equipment & Tools

We are Sales and Services Partners to Hire Torque Limited, UK.

Products under this category include Square Drive Torque Wrench, Low Profile Torque Wrench,HTL Hydraulic Torque Wrench, HTL Roller Link Attachment, Standard 4 Port Hydraulic Torque Pump, Automatic 4 Port Hydraulic Torque Pump, Infinite Hydraulic Torque Pump, Hand and Industrial Torque Wrenches, Hand Torque Multiplier, Manual Torque Multiplier.

  • Tensioning Equipment include Topside Hydraulic Tensioners, Subsea Hydraulic Tensioners, Tensioner Pumps, Hand Tensioner Pump
  • Subsea Equipment include Subsea Hydraulic Torque Wrenches, Subsea Tensioners and Pumps, Subsea Double Acting Hydraulic Pump, Subsea Hose Reels, Subsea Diver Control, Subsea Hydraulic Cutting Equipment
  • include  Hydraulic Nutsplitter, No-Flog, Hydraulic Cutting Equipment ,Hydraulic Flange Spreader, Mechanical Flange Spreader, Bespoke Calibration and Test Rigs
  • High Pressure Equipment (with high quality services) include

- Air Driven Hydraulic Pumps & Power Packs

- Gas Booster Pumps & Power Packs

- Relief Valve Test, Valve Test & Hose Test Rigs

- Custom Test Rigs, Valves, Tubing & Accessories

  1. Pipe, Tubes, Hoses and Fittings
  1. Process Equipment for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Industries
  1. Machineries, Accessories & Transmissions

In collaboration with Renk AG, Germany, we provide Industrial and Marine Gear Units with their components for LNG and other Ships, Vessels, Turbo Compressors, Turbo Generators, etc.

  1. Plant Elements & Parts


To be the Energy Service Company of first choice in Africa.
We shall operate a commercial organization with innovative business solutions that will enhance our primary interest. Our operations shall be technology-driven and managed by well trained and motivated professionals who will continually strive to meet the expectations of our Stakeholders.