Nigerian Content Policy

Nigerian Content Policy

Company recognizes the long-term value of Nigerian content to its growth, its operations and its importance to the people of Nigeria.

As a result Company will:

  • Conduct work in a way that has near and long term benefit to the Community in which Company works (as detailed in our Community Affairs Policy), consistent with its corporate guiding principles. This includes working directly and through others to provide education and training which help to achieve national objectives and to improve quality of life.
  • Work proactively to achieve high levels of Nigerian content in the scopes of work for projects, taking into consideration competitiveness and capability.
  • Continually invest in training to bridge the gaps between business needs and local capabilities


Company intends to achieve these principles and objectives by:

  • Making use of Nigerian individuals, contractors, and suppliers to the fullest possible extent with due consideration to competitiveness and capability
  • Setting targets for achieving improvements in Company Nigerian content and monitoring progress in achieving the set goals
  • Developing the capability of individuals and contractors to meet business needs
  • Requiring Tenderers to state in clear terms by listing those aspects of work and services to be performed in Nigeria using Nigerian personnel and services
  • Understanding the Nigerian content expectations of the government, which is a high priority, and by meeting the terms of legislation and agreements

Company believe that successfully achieving the above objectives will reduce costs and increase availability of some goods and services in Nigeria over time.


Williams G. Akpojevwe
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer
January 2nd 2020


To be the Energy Service Company of first choice in Africa.
We shall operate a commercial organization with innovative business solutions that will enhance our primary interest. Our operations shall be technology-driven and managed by well trained and motivated professionals who will continually strive to meet the expectations of our Stakeholders.